Roll A Reindeer Game

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Need a fun winter activity to entertain little ones?

Grab a gaggle of kids, print out the game pieces and boards and a pair of dice and you are set.

Roll A die to start building the reindeer.  Follow the included chart to know which piece to use.  The first person to complete the reindeer wins!

This would be great as a small groups activity in a classroom, or sitting around with family and friends to play a delightful game.

What's Included:

- A  blank game board

- A completed game board to show the kids

- The reindeer head and face printable pieces 

Tip: A PNG file is included of the reindeer face parts, and if you own a Cricut or Silhouette you can easily do a Print-Then-Cut to have these games assembled in not time!

Who's ready to roll the dice?!?