Christmas Countdown Advent Printable Kit

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Getting excited for the holidays?  I am!!

Christmas Countdown Advent Printable Kit 

Start December off with some holiday cheer and help kids celebrate the festive season.  Come up with 25 fun activities or things to do, and each day have a little one open an envelope to see what the special message or activity is.

Delight your kids with a 25 Advent Calendar

16 Printable Pages Included + visit our blog to see how to assemble the entire thing!! Create 25 envelopes, stuff them with a fun message or daily activity to do together as a family.  Assemble a wreath (Not included) and add the festive touches with a Christmas Countdown banner and paper flowers. 

Included are:

- Step by step instructions how to assemble the paper envelopes and flowers

- A Christmas Countdown List to give you some inspiration for daily activities or fun things to do to celebrate being together

Let's kick off the holidays with a fun tradition!  Give it a try today!