What Tools do I Need for My Cricut Machine?

You’ve done it! You’ve invested in your first Cricut Explore Air 2! (Or maybe you haven’t but you’re about to pull the trigger). Either way, you’re one step closer to creating cool and crafty die-cut designs and customized crafts and home décor that will make you the envy of the neighborhood!

And that’s it, right? Once you’ve bought your Cricut Explore Air 2, you don’t need to buy anything else to making your crafting dreams come true? Well, yes! (And no). It’s true that the Cricut is all you need to start cutting, printing, and scoring with ease. BUT, there are just a few other tools that can help you truly maximize the potential of your machine. Let me share with you a few of my favorites.

First, let me note that any of the tools I’m about to mention can be purchased individually or in smaller pack sizes – they don’t have to be bought as a set. BUT, Cricut was so kind in putting together this essentials pack: it makes it easy for you to know exactly what you’ll need, and is offered at a dynamite price point. So don’t feel obligated to buy the whole pack if you don’t want to, but know that it’s there for you if you need all of these essentials (I definitely did!). 

The Cricut Essential Tool Set comes with seven unique tools (and also includes a scoring blade and extra replacement blade for your portable trimmer). It comes in three fun colors: mint, blue, and rose. 

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

Cricut Scraper Tool: The scraper tool is awesome for cleaning and removing unwanted scraps from your cutting mat (and you’ll have a lot of them!). Especially when you’ve got really intricate, lace-like designs, you could end up with a million tiny pieces stuck to your cutting mat, so the scraper tool is awesome little gadget to have. You can also use it to sort of smooth out materials when putting them in the machine (like vinyl, for example).

Cricut Tweezers: You may have a design that’s teeny tiny, or incredibly intricate (again, almost like lace). For these, you may not want to use your fingers to pick the cut design up, so use the tweezers! They also feature a reverse grip for easy use. 

Cricut Scissors: These scissors are a great size for most cuts you’ll do with the Cricut, and they feature a micro-tip and blade cover.

Cricut Spatula: Like your tweezers, the Cricut Spatula is great for retrieving delicate cuts from your mat. 

Cricut Scoring Stylus: Fancy some DIY card-making with your awesome Cricut Explore Air 2? The Scoring Stylus is a must: use it to create perfect folded lines. Fits in the A slot of your Cricut Machine. 

 Cricut Weeder: Sounds silly doesn’t it? Well it’s not: this tool could in fact be your new best friend. Teeny, tiny little pieces that even your tweezers can’t get are going to need the Cricut Weeder to retrieve without breaking. 

Portable Trimmer: Awesome for achieving the absolute perfect straight-line cut. 

Cricut also supplies a handy travel pouch for your essential tools. The pouch stands up on its own (which is super cool, kind of like a pencil cup), but zips up into a snappy, soft-body compartment for easy transportation and storage. Comes in mint, rose, or blue to match your Cricut and essential tool kit. 

Pens- If you plan on using your Cricut to utilize the writing function, which I suggest you do, you will need some pens! These are specifically designed to fit into any Cricut Machine

All of these tools together would make one an utter master of the die-cutting craft. You and your Cricut would be unstoppable! Enjoy playing with your new fun tools and discovering all that you can do with this awesome machine when you’ve got the right tools to make the job even easier. 


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