The Busy Mom’s Guide To Lunch Box Notes

Print Lunch Box Notes…

on a POST-IT note!

Let me guess, in the rush of throwing together the kid’s lunch, you quickly scribble on a napkin a sweet note, shove it in the lunch box and the kids go to school?  Well…. IF I got the note in the lunch box it might have looked just like that.  Sorry kids, I tried but, didn’t always get it right.  That is about to change when I show you how easy LUNCH BOX NOTES can be!  The My Paper Printables pack of LUNCH BOX NOTES solves this problem!   This fantastic bundle has a bunch of lunch box notes that will be perfect for back to school lunches.

I learned something new the other day…how to PRINT ON POST IT NOTES!!!  I had no idea how easy it is.  You can use the notes for anything.  My mind is racing with all of my future sticky note designs.  These would be perfect for homework, chores, household organization.  The List is endless.

If you love a paper To-Do list as I do, then you will love these.  This process will make getting a little love in the lunch box SO quick and easy.  You can print the designs as many times as you want.

How To Print On Sticky Notes

Step 1 – Grab the Lunch Box Notes Printable Bundle – Here. Print the Sticky Note Template – In fact print several to have on hand.  You will love this.  I am getting excited because I think you are going to flip with how awesome this is.  I know this has been around for awhile but not sure why I  missed the boat, but I am on it now!

Step 2 – Add your sticky notes to the squares.  Make sure the top sticky part is facing the top of the page.  Place in the printer with the top end going in first!!  On my printer, it prints on the top of the paper, so I would stick this in with the sticky notes face up.  Not sure which side your printer prints on? Open the drawer where the paper is, place an X or scribble on the printer paper.  Open any document and print it.  If the scribble is on the same side of the printed paper then put your sticky notes face up.  If it printed on the back side of your scribble, then put sticky notes face down.

Step 3 – Open one of the Lunch Box Notes Printable Designs on a computer.  CLICK PRINT!!  Ta-Da! It’s so easy!!!

There are lots of ways to use these lunch box notes besides just for back to school time.

  • Attach a note to their binder or pencil bag.
  • Do your kids have after school sports?  Slip a note into your kid’s gym bag.
  • Write a special message and leave it on their nightstand to see the minute they wake up
  • The possibilities are endless!!!

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