DIY Personalized Doormat Using A Cricut Vinyl Stencil

Let's create a customized front doormat in less than an hour!  There are a ton of fun DIY doormat ideas all over but I decided to make my own cut file and turn it into a stencil using my favorite Cricut Maker.

I have been wanting to create a stenciled doormat for ages.  Once I made one using my Cricut, I realized how darn easy it is!

I have stenciled lots of things before, walls, floors, wood signs, but never a doormat.

I have used multiple stencil techniques in the past but this time I thought I would just go for it and use vinyl.  You can use freezer paper and iron it onto the project, but this can be tricky and a little hard to work with.  

So vinyl was my go to supply.  Speaking of supplies there are only a few things you need.

Supplies Needed for DIY Stenciled Doormat

  • Doormat 18" x 30"
  • Cricut Machine - Maker or Explore Air 2
  • Welcome Cut File - get yours HERE for FREE!
  • Black spray paint for outdoor use
  • A long piece of vinyl - non permanent
  • transfer tape
  • Painters tape
  • 12" x 24" cutting mat for your cutting machine

How to create a stencil in Design Space

Find a cut file you would love to use on your doormat.  Try ours FREE, by joining our FREE Printable & Cut File Library!  Open the file up in Cricut Design Space or whatever cutting software you choose.

After loading in the file to Design Space, I like to make a shape the size of my project.  Today it happens to be the 18" x 30" doormat, so I will go with those dimensions.

Decide what size and position I would like to place the word welcome on my mat.  Once I get it where I want it for placement, I delete the large rectangle shape, and click Make It!

Load vinyl onto your large 12"x 24" cutting mat and pick the correct material type to cut through the vinyl.  For me, I was using a matte finish that was Cricut brand, so I picked that.  Note - do a test cut if you are not sure it will cut correctly.

I moved the welcome word to the center of the cutting mat so I had space on all sides.  This will help when I am painting to have a "area of safety"...shall we say I am a wee bit on the klutzy side and known to paint outside the lines.

5- After it is done cutting, keep the vinyl on the cutting mat.  It is easier to weed if the vinyl is laying flat.  Take out all the letters but leave the backing to make your stencil.

TIP!  Found this out the hard way, when you are ready to transfer the vinyl to your doormat, do it where you will paint.  Most likely on the floor. 

I started this project on my craft table, and when I moved the mat to go spray paint it, the tape and stencil moved, and i had to reposition it.  Let me save you some trouble, and work on this where you will paint it.

Once you have your doormat on the ground, I used a moving box to put underneath to protect my garage floor, take your vinyl loaded on the cutting mat and start to peel it away from the backing by hand or by using transfer tape.

Once peeled, place it on your doormat where you would like the word.  I centered my design.  Press down firmly, you can even use a little heat from a blow dryer to get it to stick to the doormat even better. 

Using painters tape, tape down the stencil to the doormat.  For me, because I am messy, I decided to tape the whole doormat so there wouldn't be any chance of spraying in the wrong area.

You are ready to paint! I like quick and EASY crafting so I am using spray paint.  Make sure to spray directly over the letters you are painting. I did one coat, let it dry, then did a second coat and peeled away the stencil.  

Ta-da!!! This was a super easy project which took less than an hour in total.  I found this fun buffalo check doormat liner at our local hobby shop and wanted to do the layered look for the front door. 

So easy. You can enjoy your personalized doormat all year long!  Can't wait to see what you create!!

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