Virtual Retreat Kit

Virtual Retreat Kit

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The Craft Kit for this event includes all the major components you'll need to complete the 9 projects in the retreat!

The one sign alone you'll find at Michael's for well over $30...and that's just ONE project! We have secured bulk discount pricing for the kits required, and we're including shipping to all the Lower 48 states! Contact us for additional international shipping fees, but we'll get you the kits whenever you happen to be!

Like always, you'll be able to interact online with Traci, with Traci's team, and with each other in the live stream...BUT, this time, you'll ALSO get to see everyone who is at the retreat and interact with them as well! The basics you'll need to provide yourself, like a glue gun, glue sticks, scissors, vinyl, etc. But all the big items we'll gather for you in one convenient location...your FRONT PORCH!